Hertwich offers a line of circular saws designed for meeting specific requirements.

The Hertwich Billet Saw is an extremely robust short stroke saw. The main components like machine bed, saw blade carriage and clamping head are steel / concrete composite design for best vibration absorption and optimum saw blade life.

Power transmission is via an HDL tooth chain drive rather than a conventional gear box, for most efficient energy transmission (minimum energy loss) and reduced noise emission.

Forward and return action of the saw chariot is optimized by position transducer for faster production rates.

Feed control for optimized performance, which limits the cutting feed according to the rated amperage. The cutting parameters for various alloys and billet diameters are stored in the data management system for user friendly operation.

Faulty log sections, identified by upstream ultrasonic inspection equipment are removed and scrapped at the saw with the help of log tracking data, which is a special feature of the Hertwich control software.


Billet saw during cutting operation

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