Hertwich circular sawing plants are an important part of automated billet production facilities.

After cooling logs pass over a combination of storage conveyors and roller table lines to arrive at the billet saw, to be cut into short or long billets as required. Parameter changes for new Batches of logs are automated for fast and efficient implementation. No manual adjustments are required.

Production parameters like heat treatment recipe, finished cut length, bundle dimensions, customer data etc are downloaded from the production planning system (PPS). Log travel throughout the plant is fully automated. Faulty log sections, identified by upstream ultrasonic inspection equipment are automatically removed and scrapped at the saw with the helpt of lock tracking data, which is a special feature of the Hertwich control software.

Some installations have been designed to cut and stack long and short billet at the same time. Stacking is carried out independent from strapping, weighing and discharge. While one bundle is being stacked another bundle is being strapped, weighed and discharged.

Hertwich sawing plants include a range of associated equipment:
  • Swarf exhaust system and optional automatic briquetting press
  • Scrap manipulator for efficient removal of off-cuts from the sawing position into scrap containers
  • Marking devices including hard stamping and ink-jet-marking, as well as the new extra-robust and fast pin stamping devices of the “Hertwich Pintype Speed” range (cycle time 3 sec.)
  • Billet Stacker for short or long billets
  • PET and/or steel band strapping unit with wooden runners storage and positioning device
  • Integrated weighing system with label printer and applicator
  • Overhead crane for discharge of billet bundles

Plant layout sawing and packing plant

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