The Universal Rotary Tilting Furnace is particularly suitable for melting of dross and low grade scrap with organic impurities > 10% or high iron content. The name is derived from the fact that this is the most versatile Rotary Tilting Furnace on the market. It represents leading edge technology to sustainably contribute to environmentally sound yet economic scrap recycling and is designed for three process options:

  • Low salt process
  • Salt free ALUREC® process
  • Calcium aluminate process
The Hertwich URTF is available in five standard sizes, 3, 5, 10, 14 and 20 whereby the number indicates the useful furnace volume in m³. Correspondingly the melt rate ranges from 1,5 to 9,0 tons/hour.
The URTF offers the universal solution to the secondary recycling industry with highest aluminium yield, minimal environmental impact and very low specific energy consumption.
   Energy consumption Yield
Clean scrap 350 kWh/t 90 - 97 %
Dirty scrap 250 - 320 kWh/t 85 - 90 %
Dross 250 - 320 kWh/t 45 - 65 %
It offers a wide tilting range from -20 to +40°. As a unique feature the furnace can be operated in various tilting angles from -20 to -10°. The tiltback of -20° supports quick charging. The high degree of automation for charging, melting, tapping and slag tilting allows the plant to be operated by only 1 operator + 1 supervisor per shift.
URTF-10 with charging machine & sow tapping equipment
Two URTF-14 furnaces
2 x URTF-14 furnaces
High Speed Slag Cooler
It is of utmost importance to ensure that the metallic aluminium is not lost after pouring by insufficient slag cooling. Stena and Hertwich have developed a high speed slag cooling and post processing concept to reclaim aluminium form salt slag, which still contains up to 10% overall metal units by weight.
The following outstanding targets are achieved:
  • Slag is cooled from 900°C - 1.200°C to below 400°C in less than 15 minutes
  • Metal loss is kept at an absolute minimum
  • Metal reclaimed from slag is up to 10%
  • Nuggets are directly recharged to melting / rotary furnace
  • Well suited for all kind of slag
  • Capacity: 1 - 5 tons/hour, depending on cooler size
  • Less formation of nitrides in NMP or salt slag
  • Less need of slag bins
Two URTF-14 furnaces

Plant layout High Speed Slag Cooler

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