Continuous homogenizing furnaces are available from 4.000 - 180.000 tons per year.
The fully automated production sequence starts with laydown of cast logs on the log laydown table. From there logs are moved over an accumulator to the inspection station, where they are visually inspected for surface defects and ultrasonic inspected fo center cracks and inclusions. The furnace entry accumulator provides adequate billet storage between UT inspection and continuous homogenizing furnace.
Logs travel through the furnace and the cooling station in one plane. The furnace comprises a heating and a holding compartment.
In the heating compartment logs are uniformly heated to the required temperature. At the end of the heating compartment the temperature of each and every log is verified by sting thermocouples. Logs then pass to the holding compartment of the furnace where they are precisely kept at the set temperature throughout the holding time, adjustable from 2 to 9 hours.
Upon entering the cooling station logs are cooled according to the selected regime. In the air cooler the cooling speed is regulated over the fan speed. Parameters of heating, holding and cooling are exactly the same for every log.
Major benefits of continuous homogenizing:

  • Perfectly uniform metallurgical property
  • Lowest labour cost
  • Best log straightness
  • Low downtime & maintenance
  • Control software
  • Low energy consumption

Typical plant layout 40.000 - 150.000 tons/year

Continuous homogenizing plant

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