The batch furnace range comprises furnaces for billets, rolling slabs and combined furnaces (slabs & logs). Capacity is up to 90 t for single chamber furnaces and up to 180 t for double chamber furnaces.
Conventional batch homogenizing furnaces are designed upon mono-directional airflow. During homogenization in such furnaces the temperature cycle of a log heavily depends on its position in the batch.
The new generation of Hertwich batch furnaces with reversed air flow reduces temperature deviation between outer and inner logs. Reliable maximum homogenizing quality is achieved through accurate temperature regime (+/- 3°) and reversing air flow for almost uniform heating and cooling. Furthermoe some 20% faster heating is achieved. To meet customer requirements, the new batch furnace generation includes the possibility of cooling. The cooling process directly starts after holding phase without any unfavorable time and temperature loss during stack transfer.
Automatic log handling and HE variable spacer system
Modern batch homogenizing plants include automated stacking and destacking equipment for lean operating labour requirement and enhanced safety. Automated plants may comprise spacer manipulator, spacer magazines and a crane for handling of log layers. In combination with a moveable bottom in furnace and cooler, single spacers are placed equidistant for best possible log support and optimized to avoid overhanging of logs ( = HE variable spacer system).

Typical plant layout batch homogenizing furnaces (2 off) and cooling station

Batch homogenizing plant, 43 tons

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