The most common 3.000 mm wide caster produces up to 12 tons per hour foundry ingot. From the three moulds a total of 30 strands are cast (3.000 mm wide caster), each having a cross section of 75(90) x 54 mm. The casting speed, depending on the alloy, ranges from 400 to 600 mm per minute.
A wide range of alloys can be produced, for instance ranging from pure aluminium to 12% silicon and up to 5% magnesium.
The flying saw cuts the continuously cast strands into ingots of approximately 650 to 750 mm in length.
One complete cycle of the saw comprises clamping, cutting of all 30 strands, removal of ingots and return of the saw assembly to start position. The noise level of the saw, 95 dB (A), makes it necessary to house it in a sound-absorbing enclosure.
Ingots are automatically marked with alloy and cast number and then stacked. Completed bundles are automatically strapped and can, at the customer's demand, be strech wrapped and colour marked. At the weighing table the weighing ticket is automatically applied and finally the bundle is moved to the storage conveyor.
Finished bundles

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