The Universal Caster got its name to reflect that

can essentialy be cast on the same machine. Each product has a dedicated exit route, downstream of the flying saw.

Provided the relevant exit systems are installed, a product change can be undertaken within one shift, by changing to a different tundish/mould set and loading the new applicable cast recipe on the PC. 

The HDC caster requires uninterrupted melt flow, which is usually supplied from two casting furnaces. Casting campaigns typically last from  3 to 20 days, depending on the cast product.

The fully continuous HDC process is ideal for automation. All downstream equipment is fully on-line with the casting machine and no additional personnel is required. Sawing, weighing, hard stamping, ink marking, labelling, stacking and strapping is carried out fully automatic. 

During past years the plants have been improved consistently and now feature automatic cast starts and stops as well as automatic tundish adjustment.
The quality attributes of HDC cast products are numerous:
  • low hydrogen, extremely low oxide inclusions
  • fine uniform grain structure
  • consistency and uniformity of alloying elements' content and distribution
  • no gravity segregation
  • no cracks, shrink holes and water inclusions
  • consistent dimension, straightness and weight
  • smooth surface, easy for stacking and strapping compact bundles

Plant layout

Exit system downstream of the flying saw

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