Hertwich Engineering (“HE”) has become the technology and market leader in the business sector of melting, heat treatment and recycling technology for aluminium. On the way to this success, the trustful collaboration with Dubai Aluminium (“DUBAL”), now an operating subsidiary of Emirates Global Aluminium (“EGA”) and referred to as EGA Jebel Ali, has been extremely helpful. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the partnership, both parties met for a joint celebration in Dubai.

For the production of extrusion billets at its newly built plant in Madhya Pradesh, Hindalco Industries decided in favour of heat treatment in a continuous homogenizing furnace. The continuous homogenising and sawing plant for billets (diameter range 178 to 229 mm) has a capacity of 64,000 tonnes per year and is the fourth such unit supplied by Hertwich to India.

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