The new TALEX extrusion plant in Abu Dhabi operates by processing its own extrusion scrap to produce billets. The casthouse, which started operating in February 2016 was built as a turnkey plant by Hertwich Engineering. Annual current capacity is 36,000 tons and after implementation of the second phase the annual output will be increased up to 45,000 tons of extrusion billets.

Hertwich Engineering has successfully commissioned a Continuous Homgenizing and Sawing Plant for extrusion billets at Impol d.o.o., located in Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia. As scheduled, the plant has been commissioned in spring 2016.

The US-American extrusion plant Service Center Metals (SCM) in Prince George, VA, has placed an order with Hertwich Engineering to supply a second compact type remelt plant for the production of extrusion billets. The new unit processes post-consumer scrap in a continuous, automated process to produce high-grade logs up to 14 inches (356 mm) in diameter. Provisionally, the unit is scheduled to begin operating by the end of 2016.

Pandolfo Alluminio S.p.A., a leading Italian extrusion plant, has placed an order with Hertwich Engineering for the supply of a modern Batch Homogenizing Furnace for extrusion billets. Its commissioning is scheduled for August 2016.

Following the presentation of the new Hertwich batch furnace concept in 2010, Dubai Aluminium („DUBAL“), an operating subsidiary of Emirates Global Aluminium („EGA“) and referred to as EGA Jebel Ali, was the first company to choose the new batch furnace type. In the autumn of 2015 the fourth batch furnace of this type has been successfully commissioned at EGA Jebel Ali.

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