In close partnership with Hertwich Engineering (a part of the SMS Group), Exlabesa put into operation a Hertwich Continuous Homogenizing plant at its Padron based facility in the latter part of 2018. Following from this investement Exlabesa have now ordered the Multi Chamber PR130 Melting Furnace (complete with charging unit) which will increase its capacity to 60,000 tons from its Padron casthouse.

Hertwich Engineering, a subsidiary of the SMS group, received an order from Hydro Extrusion Lichtervelde NV for the supply of a multi-chamber melting furnace  Ecomelt-PS200 including skimming machine. The plant with a melting capacity of 60,000 tons per year will be installed in the casthouse in Ghlin, Belgium. Commissioning is scheduled for the first half of 2019.

Constellium Extrusions Dĕčín s. r.o., Czech Republic, has placed an order with Hertwich Engineering, a member of the SMS group, for a further continuous homogenizing plant including helical ultrasonic testing station and billet saw for aluminium extrusion billets. With a capacity of 9 tons per hour, the new homogenizing furnace is considerably larger and more powerful than the plant for 3 tons per hour delivered in 2016. It is scheduled to go into operation in  first semester 2019.

At the turn of the year, Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA) Jebel Ali, UAE successfully commissioned the fifth Hertwich batch furnace plant for the heat treatment of extrusion billets at the Jebel Ali plant. At the same time, Hertwich Engineering, a subsidiary of the SMS group, received an order for the supply of three additional batch furnaces, two cooling stations and a series of modifications to plant components previously supplied. When this order is completed in 2019, Jebel Ali will have a total of four continuous and ten modern batch homogenisation plants for the flexibly automated heat treatment of extrusion billets.

The Spanish company Exlabesa Extrusion Padron SL has ordered a continuous homogenizing furnace with air cooling station, long billet stacker, billet saw, semi-automatic strapping and automatic weighing station from Hertwich Engineering, a company of SMS group, for its extrusion plant in La Coruña. The plant is scheduled to start production at the end of 2018.

The long-standing aluminium rolling mill in Amorebieta, Spain which has been operating under the name Aludium ( since 2015, has ordered an Ecomelt PS-275 multi chamber melting furnace with preheat shaft for clean and contaminated scrap from Hertwich Engineering, an SMS Group company. This investment sees the plant adapting to the growing amount of recycled material available. The new multi chamber melting furnace will go into operation in spring 2019.

Hertwich sets the trend for combined operation of continuous and batch homogenising furnaces

Hammerer Aluminium Industries Santana S. R. L., based in Santana, Romania  has ordered a second homogenising plant consisting of two batch furnaces, a cooling station and handling equipment from Hertwich Engineering, a subsidiary of the SMS group. Commissioning is scheduled for February 2018.

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